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Material name: Danish chalk flint
Synonyms: Glassy senonian flint, Baltic flint
Material (geologic): Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) flint

Detail of dark glassy flint
Foto: Matthias Rummer, 2004
    Sampled sites:
  • Hov

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General characteristics

(In part adapted from Becker 1958 and Becker 1980a

Geographical setting: N/A
Material and colour: N/A
Other information: View across the mining site
Foto: Rengert Elburg, 2003
Knapping notes: N/A
Archaeological description: N/A

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Locality: Hov near Thisted, Northern Jutland, Denmark
Synonyms: Mining site DK 1, according to the catalogue of the museum in Bochum, 3rd edition (Weisgerber et al. (eds.) 1999). FlintSource sample 366.

The locality is also known as Bavnehøj and Sennels Ås.

Geographical description: WhereItIs
Geographical co-ordinates: Lat. 56° 59' 11.7" N
Long. 008° 47' 41.8" E
(Mapdatum WGS 84)

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Co-ordinate precision: Precision
Other topographical information: HowToGetThere
Additional information: Former quarry with samplers
Foto: Matthias Rummer, 2003
Visitors information: PlacesToEatAndDrink
Sampling information: N/A
  Glassy flint
Foto: Matthias Rummer, 2004
Flake of typical nordic glassy flint from the mining area
size: 77 mm
Grey flint
Foto: Matthias Rummer, 2004
Piece of grey, opaque flint with thin cortex
size: 80 mm
  Black tablett
Foto: Matthias Rummer, 2004
Fragment of a flattish nodule of black glassy flint
length: 70 mm
Sample description: N/A
  Slightly patinated flake
Foto: Matthias Rummer, 2004
Slightly patinated prehistoric flake
length: 61 mm
White flint
Foto: Matthias Rummer, 2004
Prehistoric flake of very light coloured material
size: 47 mm


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