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(Pays d'Othe)

Material name: Pays d'Othe flint
Synonyms: Silex du Pays d'Othe
Material (geologic): Upper Cretaceous (Coniacian) flint

Detail of flint
Foto: Matthias Rummer, 2002

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General characteristics

(In part adapted from de Labriffe & Thébault 1995

Geographical setting: N/A
Material and colour: Continuous bank of low grade flint
Foto: Rengert Elburg, 2002
Other information: N/A
Knapping notes: N/A
Archaeological description: Large polishing stone (polissoir) "la pierre aux dix doigts"
Foto: Rengert Elburg, 2002

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Locality: Cosdon, Aube district, France
Synonyms: FlintSource sample 260.
Geographical description: WhereItIs
Geographical co-ordinates: Lat. 48° 15' 09" N
Long. 003° 41' 38" E
(Mapdatum WGS 84)
Co-ordinate precision: The coordinates given above refer to the small quarry at the edge of the "Bois de Villemaur", the "Pierre aux Dix Doigts" (The ten-fingered stone) lies 500 metres to the Northeast at 48° 15' 16" N / 003° 41' 56" E. Both pairs of coordinates were taken with a hand held GPS station and have a precision of better than ten metres.
Other topographical information: HowToGetThere
Additional information: Quarry with dispersed flint nodules
Foto: Rengert Elburg, 2002
Visitors information: PlacesToEatAndDrink
Sampling information: N/A
  Freshly dug flint nodule
Foto: Matthias Rummer, 2001
Split nodule of fresh flint,
freshly extracted from the exposure
length: 119 mm
Sample description: N/A


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